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Swati Sani
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Tarique writing to his then girlfriend

Tarique writing to his then girlfriend

Your carefree
and the joy
that adorns your face
takes away
the darkest of
my fears

The smile
that begins
as a sparkle
in your eyes
reaches your tender lips
makes me feel warm
all over
and so loved

Thank you, my love
for loving me
the way you do
I can not even
begin to imagine
my life without you.

Originally published at Swati Sani. Please leave any comments there.

आज फिर तुम्हें देखकर खयाल आया
कि हमारे बीच ये कैसा नाता है
जिसे तोड़ना मुनासिब नहीं
इस लंबे सफर में
मेरे हमकदम -
हम ज़रूर कुछ देर रुक जातें है
किसी मकाम पर
मगर फिर निकल पड़ते हैं
अगले पड़ाव को …
इक दूसरे के सहारे बिना
हम क्या करेंगे
मेरे हमसफर, मेरे हमइनाँ
जब किसी दिन किसी एक की
जीवन समिधा चुक जायेगी ?

Originally published at Swati Sani. Please leave any comments there.

http://www.zarinasani.org goes live today. It is a website about mother-in-in law, Dr. Zarina Sani’s literary works.

I find it difficult to describe the range of emotions I went through while creating this site. I smiled, laughed, cried and marveled at the way she expressed herself. Through her writings I even got a glimpse of my husband’s childhood (मेरा फनकार)

Never having met her, I only knew her through my husband, Tarique , my brother-in-law Nadeem and the others in the family. My father-in-law would talk a lot about her to me and he regularly read out the poems she wrote. So I knew her as a wife, a mother, a sister and an aunt.

When I got a chance to go through her writings first hand, her poetry, her stories and her books, I discovered the woman in her. A strong, positive woman, deeply attached to her roots, family and beliefs. Her poetry touched me – she wrote from her heart and about the matters close to her heart; be it her children, her country, her love or her relationships.

Today would have been her 75th birthday; I have transcribed and put on her website 56 of her published poems. It will be my endeavor to keep updating the website often. I will update the poems with meanings of difficult words, will post some of the stories she had written and will publish online her literary works on Safdar Aah Sitapuri, Seemab Akbarabadi, Sadat Hasan “Manto” and Zia Fathehabadi.

Today, Through her poetry I am sharing her eclectic world with the world. I miss you, Ammi, but I also know that your blessings will always be with your children.

Originally published at Swati Sani. Please leave any comments there.

तू अपने जैसा अछूता खयाल दे मुझको
मैं तेरा अक्स हूँ अपना जमाल दे मुझको

मैं टूट जाउँगी लेकिन झुक न सकूंगी कभी
मजाल है किसी पैकर में डाल दे मुझको

मैं अपने दिल से मिटा दूंगी तेरी याद मगर
तू अपने ज़ेहन से पहले निकाल दे मुझको

मैं संगे कौह की मांनिंद हूँ न बिखरूंगी
न हो यकीं जो तू उछाल दे मुझको

खुशी खुशी बढ़ूं खो जाऊं तेरी हस्ती में
अना के ख़ौफ से “सानी” निकाल दे मुझको

– ड़ा. ज़रीना सानी

अक्स – प्रतिबिंब /reflection
जमाल – सौंर्दय /beauty
पैकर – िजस्म / body (here it means mould)
संगे कौह – पहाड़ का पत्थर / stone (here it means strong as a stone)
अना – अहंभाव /ego


This Ghazal was published in “Kaumiraj” (date not known)


Originally published at Swati Sani. Please leave any comments there.

मेरी हस्ती की हकीकत क्या है
एक शोला है हवा की ज़द पर
जो भड़कता भी है
जो सर्द भी हो जाता है
या सफीना है कोई
वक्त की लहरों पे रवां
अाज तक हस्ती ए मौहूम का इर्फां न हुअा
खुदशनासी या खुदअागाही क्या
नफ्स ए नाकारा तकाज़े तेरे
खुदफरेबी के सिवा कुछ भी तो नही
कौन समझायेगा हस्ती की हक़ीक़त मुझको
है कोई?
कोई भी है?

– ड़ा ज़रीना सानी

हस्ती- अस्तित्व, existance
सफीना – कश्ती, boat
मौहूम – काल्पनिक, imaginary
इर्फां – विवेक, wisdom
खुदशनासी-  अपने अाप की पहचान, self recognition
खुदअागाही – अात्मज्ञान, knowledge of soul
नफ्स ए नाकारा- वर्य्थ/मिथ्या जीवन, useless existence
तकाज़े – माँग, demand
खुदफरेबी अातमवंचना, self deception

This free verse written by Dr. Zarina Sani was published in a magazine called “Tehreek” in February 1973.

Originally published at Swati Sani. Please leave any comments there.

Here she comes now...

Tigress approaching waterhole.

This was one vacation I was really looking forward to specially after the fiasco of plans to spend a weekend in Pench.  17 years of togetherness, friends and jungle – nothing beats the combination and we did have whale of a time. NH7 was a pleasure to drive and I averaged 60km and covered 180 km distance in 3 hours. That meant driving at 140km/hr for some distance but then the roads were clear and smooth and Innova lends itself wonderfully to highway driving.

We were at the park in peak summer and the heat was unbearable (mid day temperature was about 44° C) and there was very little water available -so most of the wild action was at concentrated around the water holes.

A tigress came to the water hole with four of her cubs to quench her thirst and cool herself down while down the same road  another water saucer, made by the forest department saw a barking deer patiently waiting his turn to drink water while the bigger grazer, a Sambhar deer quenched his thirst.

In smaller puddles birds frolicked in territorial displays and fought with each other while the butterflies that were mud puddling became meals of the fly catchers. We saw one handsome orange headed thrush in an extremely bad mood shooing another one of his own species till a white-browed fan-tail fly catcher got better of him and claimed the place as his own territory.

Barking deer, waiting for his turn to quench his thirst.

Hierarchy : Barking deer waiting for his turn.

Not far away was another family of tigers, two adults, a male and a female with two cubs frolicking in mud and playing tag on the bund of a small water body.

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Originally published at Swati Sani. Please leave any comments there.

11th May, 1994. 17 years to being married to my beloved… All I can quote in this ashar of Majaz

अभी बज़्मे-तरब से क्या उठूँ मैं
अभी तो आँख भी पुरनम नहीं है
– मजाज़

Originally published at Swati Sani. Please leave any comments there.

Dr. Zarina Sani

Dr. Zarina Sani

शक्ल धुधंली सी है शीशे में निखर जायेगी,
मेरे अहसास की गर्मी से संवर जायेगी

अाज वो काली घटाओं पे हैं नाज़ां लेकिन,
चाँद सी रौशनी बालों में उतर अायेगी

जिन्दगी मर्हला-ए-दार-ओ-रस्ल हो जैसे
दिल की बेचारगी ता-वक्त सहर जायेगी

ज़ौक तरकीब से थी कोख़ सदफ़ की महरूम
कैसा अंधेरा है ये बात मगर अब्र के सर जायेगी

मोहनी ड़ाल रही है गुलतर की सूरत
ज़द पे अायेगी हवा के वोह, बिखर जायेगी

वक्त रफ्तार का बहता हुअा दरिया “सानी”
जिन्दगी अापके साये में नहीं, न सही फिर भी गुज़र जायेगी

– ज़रीना सानी

* अाज़ाद ग़ज़ल : जब ग़ज़ल के शेरों से मीटर की पाबंदी हटा दी जाती है मगर रदीफ और क़ाफिये की पाबंदी बरकार रखी जाती है.  ड़ा. ज़रीना सानी अाज़ाद ग़ज़ल की समर्थक थीं, अौर उन्होंने कई ऐसी ग़ज़लें लिखीं.

रदीफ: अशअार का वो शब्द जो दोनों मिसरों मे अाता है (शेर की हर पंक्ति को मिसरा कहते हैं)  (जायेगी, अायेगी)

क़ाफीया: वह शब्द जो शेर की हर पंक्ती में रदीफ के पहले अाता है (निखर, संवर, उतर)

मर्हला — destination
दार-ओ-रस्ल -gallows and prison
सदफ़ – sea shell
महरूम -deprived (here barren -the sea shell is without a pearl)
अब्र- clouds (rain clouds)


This aazad ghazal was published in the magazine “Kohsaar” in March 1980

Originally published at Swati Sani. Please leave any comments there.

फिर चाख गिरेबाँ होने लगा
और मौत का सामाँ होने लगा

कुछ अश्क थमे थे ए हमदम
फिर दीदा-ए-गिरियाँ होने लगा

फिर साज़े आहे शबीना पर
हाथ अपना रक्सां होने लगा

गुलज़रे लाला-ए-दिल पर अब
लय दर्द-ए-बहाराँ होने लगा

अब लज़्जते ग़म पर ए ‘ज़ारी’
दिल अपना नाज़ाँ होने लगा

– ज़रीना सानी

चाख गिरेबाँ – खुला हुआ सीना
दीदा-ए-गिरियाँ – आँखों से टपकते आँसूं
शबीना- अंधकार
लाला-ए-दिल – दिल की लाली
नाज़ाँ – अभिमान युक्त

Dr. Zarina Sani wrote this Ghazal on 13th June 1963.

Originally published at Swati Sani. Please leave any comments there.

Dr. Zarina Sani

Dr. Zarina Sani

मायाजाल न तोड़ा जाये
लोभी मन मुझको ललचाये
मिल जाये तो रोग है दुनिया
मिल न सके तो मन ललचाये
मेरे अाँसू उनका दामन
रेत पे झरना सूखा जाये
ताश के महलों में हरदम
काँच की चूड़ी खनकी जाये
प्यार मुहब्बत रिश्ते नाते
‘सानी’ कुछ भी काम न अाये

– ज़रीना सानी

Dr. Zarina Sani wrote this when her 13 year old son* once told her that she wrote very tough Urdu and he could not understand it and that she should perhaps write for the common man.


Originally published at Swati Sani. Please leave any comments there.

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